Monday, March 2, 2015

Strategies for India !

Gayle and Bram Villiers are impact batsmen, who can change the complexion of the game.

In one WC match, Pat Symcox, the offspinner bowled the first over to Gayle. The ball pitched on the middle stump, turned and took the edge of the bat and went to slips. Gayle out for a blob ! That is how the South Africans took Gayle !

We advocate the same method. Let Ashwin bowl the first over to Gayle . The ideal combination, off spinner to left hander !

Hope Ind beat WI on 6th.

Regarding Bram Villiers, his Achilles heel is getting himself run out. Just tighten the fielding when he comes.

Another impact player is Shahid Afridi. He can be a huge threat to any side. He is vulnerable in the initial stages. He has a habit of trying to hit the first ball for six. Highly praiseworthy, but risky. So tempt him with spin !

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